Health Care

Spengler Nathanson combines the breadth and depth of practice of our attorneys in its formal Health Law group. The healthcare industry is and will remain, a critical focus locally and nationally. It will continue to present a range of challenges to and opportunities for health systems, nursing homes, providers, patients, entrepreneurs, vendors, and others.

Spengler Nathanson recognizes the need for those navigating the industry to have a trusted resource. Health Law is a diverse and dynamic area of law, and our team brings knowledge and experience to help guide you. Team members at Spengler Nathanson have served as in-house counsel; have established and well-respected practices in many fields; understand how to be a business and
strategic partner; and look to be innovative.


Practice Areas

Accreditation, Certification, & Licensure

Our attorneys have experience in helping systems and various types of providers with their accreditation, certification, and licensure needs, as well as representing them in front of applicable regulatory boards.

Compliance & Governance

Compliance is an important part of any governance framework. It sets and maintains a culture that steers the actions, operations, and outcomes of companies, medical practices, and entire health systems. Whether you are building a compliance program from the ground up or making adjustments as part of a regular assessment, our attorneys can be your skilled resource.

Healthcare Fraud & Abuse and Regulatory

Spengler Nathanson can assist clients in complying with the Stark Law, the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, the False Claims Act, and more. We can work with you to protect against these risks on the front end of a transaction and can help you respond to an audit or a need to restructure an existing relationship due to changed circumstances. We can also advise you if you become aware of a potential violation or are facing a possible qui tam action.

Healthcare Litigation

Spengler Nathanson attorneys are experienced in many types of healthcare-related litigation, from malpractice defense and nursing home defense to medical device/products litigation and non-compete enforcement actions.

HIPAA and Patient Privacy

Protecting patient information is of utmost importance to patients, providers, and health systems alike. In-depth policies and an effective protection and assessment strategy are necessary to avoid penalties for non-compliance. Our attorneys can help with these strategies and can also perform HIPAA-related audits and assist in a response should you find yourself with a breach of patient information.

Labor and Employment

Spengler Nathanson attorneys are well-versed in helping employers in various industries with labor and employment matters. We can leverage this expertise to find solutions for healthcare providers too. We also work to stay up-to-date on changes to the Affordable Care Act and other legislation affecting employer health insurance, employee benefits, and other operational matters.

Medical Staff Matters

Medical staff relations are important for quality care and meeting other patient and community needs. Whether you are drafting Bylaws or are considering operational strategies that affect specific service lines, our attorneys can assist you. Similar to our work in the areas of accreditation, certification, and licensure, we can offer guidance on privileging and credentialing matters.

Provider and Hospital / System Alignment

Spengler Nathanson attorneys help systems and individual providers alike find the best way to coordinate efforts to improve the care experience, improve the health of patient populations, and reduce the cost of care. If you are seeking assistance with your practice or system, we can help.

Strategy and Healthcare Innovations

The healthcare industry is ever-changing and with change comes innovation. Spengler Nathanson attorneys stand ready to be a strategic and innovative partner for many players within the industry, from health systems and providers to business start-ups.