Government Relations

Service personnel like police and fire, public entities like schools and parks, and bodies of government all have unique legal needs.

Our attorneys are poised to help. We’ve led the way in solving contract disputes, in assisting with economic development, and in drafting legislation. Our civil attorneys have the skill and experience to assist you with any government relations and public policy needs.


Practice Areas

Local Government Counseling

The firm has a long history of representing local, political subdivisions on a wide range of practice areas such as public meetings and public records issues, zoning and land-use planning, financing, drafting legislation, water and sewer construction and regulation, annexation, employment/labor issues, tax levies and administration, economic development initiatives, airport and seaport operations and police and fire department contracts.

Public and Administrative Law

Our attorneys enjoy a rich history representing public clients in Northwest Ohio, including school boards, port authorities, park districts, municipalities, counties, townships, airport authorities, and more. Our firm has been home to two former City of Toledo Law Directors, a former counsel to the Ohio Department of Commerce, and a former State Senator. We know the legal problems confronting local public bodies both as lawyers and as participants in the political process.

Public Policy Advocacy

At times it is in the best interest of the client to collaborate and work with government entities to either resolve problems without litigation or advocate a change in policy or promote a particular project. Our experience and outstanding relationship with government officials both at the state and local level is unmatched.

State, Legislative, Regulatory and Budget Issues

Our attorneys can provide assistance with state legislative and administrative issues, issue advocacy and legislation structuring and strategies. A number of our partners are registered with the Joint Legislative Ethics Commission as Legislative and Executive Agency lobbyists.